Nothing stays the same in America

What’s America? I mean, what does being an American consist of? What’s our technique, our characteristics, our modes of living? Is it, arrogance, rudeness, the desire to always be loud?

I think America conjures up so many problems because of its desire to be greatest. And as the lot of you know, many of the greatest things aren’t from America, in fact, almost all good coffee is imported. And, we live off coffee! Its melting pot, per se, its differences cause a lot problems to arise. It surely isn’t because other countries don’t house rude, arrogant people, they carry those characteristics, as well. Probably more so than, America, because of xenophobia. I think it’s kind of like having an uncle who’s an asshole; to the world, he really sucks at being alive, but to you, you think “Ah…he’s just being Jim.” The power of his rudeness is diluted because you’ve gotten to know him, you’re familiar with his antics, you deal with them, simply because…you know him. Now, think on a grander scale, a country like, Denmark knows its people, they’re relatively aware of everything and everyone around them, or at least their habits. There isn’t a branch of nationalities that just moved down the block that they are worried about, because of their cautionary xenophobic laws set in place, fear of an uprise is in someways is non-existent. There’s no cultural change, so there’s no worry. And, a worry free lifestyle leads you to the potential to hit the curve of “the happiest people in the world”.

Now in the natural, think on this stance: You meet a boy/girl, they work at a movie theatre, they’re not into weed, they’re into cuddling with you at your place, every night. Then, suddenly, they start to work nights at Hooters, right before work they’re smoking a joint, barely staying over at your place anymore, calling you less and so forth. Simply put, they’re acting different. You start to get weary and start to worry and not because you necessarily have anything against “weed smoking Hooters employed girls”; you worry because it’s not what you’re accustomed to, it’s change. Same as when parents worry when their child matures into a teenager. Suddenly, parents lose a part of their sanity. Whether you want to admit it or not, change is scary, it’s a violent overthrowing of one mindset to another; your dreams and desires change. And no one wants to be scared, so by all means, you’ll embrace the comfort of security wherever you can find it. There’s a reason, suburbs are such a staple in America, they’re all the same. For the most part, all the people, cars and houses are the same, no one’s doing better than their neighbor, there is no fear of you being outdone. Everyone is on the same playing field, and with that an illusion of safety appears.

But in reality, in life, there’s always change, external stability is an ideal. One thing, you can always rely on is little stability regarding your external circumstances. Your rent can raise, your job position can be eradicated, your local grocery store can stop carrying your favorite imported beer. What say do you have, in a world, where everyone is literally screaming to be heard; whether through the media or literally in your face. There’s always indifference, and since most people form expectations and ideas of you before even getting to know you, they gain warped perceptions, and worst, they act on them.

So, what’s the key to happiness in America? The only way to happiness is stability, if you’re constantly worried about everything, bills, your job, your kids, your life, your dreams; how can you be happy with all that anxiety? It’s a reason, America is the leading country for mental disorders, stress kills. But, hey, it’s not all bad in the U.S of A, with a constant influx of change, ideas rise, ideas falls, and there’s always someone willing to argue their legitimacy. There’s a steady fear of revolution and revelation. Everyone’s afraid of being found out; no one wants their insecurities and faults to surface, they’re so afraid to be different. And, fear always causes people to act irrationally, without thought, seemingly rude, arrogant, American…when really they’re just scared. So, they pile into the facades, the suburbs, the high luxury SUV’s, the ideal of happiness; and it’s sad because that’s all it really is, is an ideal. The Americana escape from fear: commercialism. America banks on your fear. I believe we all have fear instilled in us, most of it coming from our past experiences, and naturally that affects how we act in the present. Our past shapes our future. So, how are we not defined by our past? Simple: we change; the way we live, our mindsets, our life.

I find, security in Christ, basically trusting and relying on him for everything, realizing I have very little stake in heavy anxieties, when God is the same today as he was yesterday and will be tomorrow. Stability is present, being a child of the most high God, what do I have to worry about? Life is for the living, and hey, April Johnson only lives once and I’m anticipating the very best, because life is good and God is greater.  Fear hinders your belief in good. It’s hard to explain that good exists when the news constantly promotes fear, but today is a new day, and you can be the change. I can’t argue your beliefs, but following God, for me is a ritual, starting my day out with him is a routine practice. Same as, with daily exercise or your morning coffee; routines establish stability, and God grants me mental stability which is far more powerful than a run on the treadmill or a cup of joe. Now, where is your happiness coming from? The insecure external realm or from within?

love stays the same,
april johnson