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i’m serious about this rap thing

i’ve decided this morning, to quit film and to pursue rap. here are my lyrics


i wish i was obscene but i’m just not

i take everything apart from the seams

untied knot

the place that you could never be, success got

the future, where i cant stop, the place where you can move,

its like a love rock, uhn, pause again, and drop the price

what happened to my life, i sold it to denmark for price

i will represent, and throw they flag up because its nice

do you think becuz i carry a camera that you can write

never again, success kills and gave me a license to feel

and what you do in places i never thought it for real

garageband got a whole bunch of ppl thinking they gonna make it

got whole lot of fools thinking that they can take it

it ain’t really even about how you rap or the pieces that you tap

but if you can sell it off, you move like a braggart to a plaque

whats the point in telling what you got in a song

if you never got it at home

the place where you alone

to a girl, to a boy, that motherfuka that on the fone

tell em that you love em, all the things that you’ll never put in a song

posted on ya face, tag em on ya page 

most of us we got a taste of 

something we can never really face

but forgive me, i’ll never bring it back to where i’m based


fuck tejas.


psyche ;)

desire#006 (caught in a daze)

i want to do a music video for this song, best hip hop i’ve heard in a long time

outta of new zealand…hyper shit, huh?

from yours,

the 19 y/o with a camera, anonymous to most of the populous


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