I share myself in an effort to keep you by my side. O how I love you.

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yeah, i switched it to frank ocean

I said this a while ago and it comes back frequently to haunt me..editing is never done, becos there is always a way you can make it better…curse perfectionism, for its non-existent, but, improvement and Frank Ocean are awesomely attainable, and seeping into my love for the Sons’.

solution: burn it!, oh iloveyou

I’m now singing you every new song I love. I don’t think it’s perfect, but it’s okay. Notice how scared I get when I hear my neighbors knock on the wall, I just stop cold for second, then I think I don’t care, but I’ll turn it down. And…yes, I know what headphones are, but mine’s are crappy. My mama on the other hand has just gotten used to me yelling in the wee hours of a good morning. Its normal for her.

listen 2 the uninterupted song here : http://sonsofanillustriousfather.bandcamp.com/album/one-body

this finding of this whole band is dear to me, just go listen to it all. they’re all treasure. 

songs i’m currently obsessed with: this one..of course, i will kill you in your sleep, we will do great things, moonshiner, the unrest that keeps us true, go down moses


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