stuck on a puzzle

You know, when you’re singing and change the lyrics of a song for your own little clever karaoke pleasure. Well, I had a little vino and decided to completely re-do, ‘stuck on a puzzle’ by alex turner. this is just me singing a bit, and i love the song, so my impression of julian casablancas is a bit, well…hey this is the internet. all the best guys x


something in your magnetism must have pissed him off. i see he’s just taking what i like. but i find myself worn out by the bottle of my pride. i feel all right. i might be lonely, but i’m searching for fingers touching to mine and how you use to feel this with another. oh now you’re lonely and identified by pride. well you couldn’t be oh my lover. i see, ah, you are all messed up and taken out to sea. do you know who you are now? and maybe you do and that’s the point of view. the point that messes you. it makes you pretend, don’t it. well something in her magnetism must have pissed you off! all of that connection makes you hold ya. tears back from falling, i see yourself and you see a lie. and i’m all right..because my meaning just laid on the cold. cuz your fingers won’t be with mine’s. oh how you use to feel this with another and now i feel that all my pride is just lost all in your trouble. oh now that another’s impressed with my side. you feel worn out and insecure, like you love her. but other than your imposter, your tries. well, i say, oh no!